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Did you know that Heaven is for Real has been translated into over 39 languages?  You can purchase many of them including Spanish, French and German in our online store!  Give the gift of Heaven is for Real in other languages to your friends and neighbors today!

Pastor Mike Johnson of Fellowship Church was able to screen Heaven is for Real recently, and he had some AWESOME stuff to say about our film!  You should totally check it out here!

Check out this awesome article about the 7 most anticipated Christian movies of 2014!  We are on the list!

Also, check out our movie page to see our trailer and get more information RIGHT HERE!

This Saturday we will be partnering with the Tampa Bay Lightning as the feature of their Faith and Family Day!  Get more information HERE!

You have been waiting for it, and now it's here!  The Heaven is for Real Movie Trailer has arrived!  Enjoy friends!

Our great friends Read You and Me rocking Israel Houghtons "You Are Good" at Heaven is for Real: LIVE.

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