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If our first book...

...was all about the "then" and "there" of Heaven, God is for Real is all about the "here" and "now" of earth. People are tired of pat answers offered up in "churchy" language explaining away their biggest questions. What bothers us most about our faith is often quite real and gritty, and yet we often do not approach these concerns with these types of answers.

In God is for Real, Todd charges into these subjects with a fireman's courage, a small-town friend's vulnerability, and a local pastor's compassion. He helps articulate the questions that people have, then gives them relevant biblical wisdom for taking their next steps in faith.

We cannot believe how the Lord has continued to use our family and our story to impact the world. We believe that GOD IS FOR REAL is the next chapter in that journey. We sincerely hope you love it, but more that that, we pray that the God of the universe intimately meets with you and speaks to you through the pages of this new book.

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Todd Burpo

is a Christ follower, a husband to Sonja, a father to his three kids, a volunteer firefighter, and a writer. He is the author of the brand new book God is for Real, along with Heaven Is for Real, Heaven Is for Real for Kids, and Heaven Is for Real for Little Ones. He is also the co-author, along with his wife Sonja, of Heaven Changes Everything. The Burpo Family is deeply committed to their faith in Jesus, and their experiences through the Heaven is for Real journey have only solidified their love of the Lord and their love of the local church.

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