Throughout the past few years, we have had some serious fun on the road.  From small churches in small towns to large churches in major metropolitan areas, we have been blessed to share with millions of souls about the hope of Heaven, and about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  At times, we have been blessed to capture some of these moments on film.  Check out some of our video highlights below.

Heaven - Read You and Me featuring Colton Burpo

Some of our best friends and tour partners Read You and Me wrote this beautiful song as a reflection of Coltons visit to Heaven.  They have preformed it all over the globe.


Amazing Grace - Read You and Me Featuring Colton Burpo

A much younger Colton singing Amazing Grace, one of his favorite songs, with the guys of Read You and Me.

Lord You Are Good - Read You and Me

Our events can take many shapes and forms, but we particularly like to "rock out" in worship every once in a while.